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Who are we

We are a group of professional IT engineers who since 1994 have been donating some our free time to recycling un-wanted computers.

I personaly have been involved with computers since about 1980. My first was a Bondwell with a 8088 CPU (upgraded with a NEC V20) 512k ram, with twin 5 1/4" floppies and cost 800 pounds !!

This site came about because in early 1994 I was on a working holiday in Atlanta Georgia, where I was introduced to a group who were collecting broken or obsolete computers ( yes even back then ). They were repairing, and upgrading, them before giving them to schools and youth clubs.

I joined them for a couple of weeks and upon my return to the UK I told my friends, and work contacts, about the group in Atlanta. Well to cut a long story short, and after a couple of transatlantic phone calls, we had set up our own group here.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site, if there is someone else who you feel may be in a position to help us would you please forward this link to them www.recycle-computers.co.uk or add this link to your website.



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