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We Want Your UnWanted Computers

If you have any of the following please don't skip it.

Computers : Servers, Desktops, Towers, iPads, Laptops, Notebooks & Tablets 

Drives : Floppy, Hard, SSD, Cd_rom, DVD, Optical, Flash, Pen, Tape or Zip

Devices : Modems, Printers, Scanners or UPS

InPut Devices : Keyboard & Mice

Cables : Parallel, Serial, Network, Ide, SCSI or Mains

AC Adapters & Power Supplies : for Laptops, Notebooks or Printers etc

UnUsed Toner & InkJet Cartridges

Loose items : Such As CPU's, Memory, PCMCIA Card's, Network Cards, Sound cards, Psu's or Ac Adaptors

Obsolete Spares or Stock

All we want is the chance to re-use this equipment.

Allow us to remove it for use in schools, charities or other organisations that do not have the money for, nor require, state of the art equipment.

Freeing up valuable office/storage space while providing a valuable service to the community.

Also saving your company the cost of a Skip,
and loading it !!

Click HERE to arrange a free collection.