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Collection Form we bring with us

* This is not the whole form, just an example from it *

The above named company has autorised us to remove the following computer equipment, free of charge, for use in the local community.

Waste Carrier registration number - CBDL358625

Please note, All hard drive partitions will be deleted, each hard drive is then over-written with random alpha numeric characters to totally erase all data. This method means it is impossible to recover any of your data; therefore it is very important to make sure you have full working backups of all your data.

Do you wish the donor company to remain anonymous - Yes/No

Do you wish to be informed of how the equipment was used - Yes/No

The equipment to be removed is - indicated by stickers/ stored in a predefined area/ listed below/ we will assist with.

We assume full electrical & mechanical liability for all the equipment collected from time of collection.  

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